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22nd May 2018 
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I offer 1:1 sessions 'Inner Conflict Resolution'
Currently online sessions via Skype or Zoom

I will also be running workshops on Inner Conflict Resolution in both London and Istanbul
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"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" - Mevlana Rumi

What People Say?

"Deep gratitude for your work and healing practice for the whole universe. After the time with you today, I could already share a much needed hug with my husband after some time of disconnection. Thank you beautiful Being. Powerful healing Love is being spread here..."1:1 client ~ Silvia Sanvito

"I met Anu carrying a sadness and a grief, the source was unknown. Anu was friendly, warm and gently helped guide me to the source of the emotions and to release them. I felt safe, comfortable and protected as we went deep into the place where the emotion was trapped. Anu has an indescribable and special talent for healing".
Blessings, 1:1 client ~ Pat Flanagan

"I had not really come across Family Constellations before. The words had been rattling around my head for some time for no apparent logic and then I came across Anu on the internet when I wasn't even looking for anything similar. Two days later he had a slot going so, having long since given up questioning why these things are put in our path at any given point in our lives, I went along. I don't really know what I was expecting but it wasn't Anu. A friendly face greeted me. I am very very picky about who I trust to do any kind of work with and I immediately felt at ease with Anu and that I could trust him. That is high praise coming from me who, although I am open to any kind of work, am also steeped in cynicism around people's motives for doing work. Anu is one of life's good people. Although he guided me through the work, I also went off on my own track and Anu dodged the bullets I fired at him and he did this with utmost grace and kindness. This may seem an obvious thing to do but it is actually very rare for someone to be able to do this by being able to remove themselves while, at the same time, be utterly present. I am still digesting the experience, it was powerful and freeing, I am glad I went and am very lucky to have met with Anu for this experience." 1:1 client ~ Glenys Newton Author of 'Home Flown - A Laymamma's Guide to an Empty Nest' and 'No Wonder We're All Mad - Storytelling our way to mental health'

I've been coming to see Anu for almost a year now, and every experience whether one to one, weekend workshops and now training, has been wonderfully healing and has taught me deeply. As someone who suffered severe mental distress and is now a training healer, I am grateful and happy to say that meeting Anu and the lovely people who grace his flat has changed my life. The blend of focused and powerful work and good humour is not to be missed. Plus he's got the best view in London! Get yourselves up there. Semi-Regular Client London May 2015

"Meditation. Thinking of those behind, beyond parents, grandparents. I think Joan of Arc - ready with her sword for the fight to defend the weak. Walk to the graveyard, with Anu's bunch of flowers. Down the side path out into the sun. Flat stone off to one side, overgrown with moss and matted grass, surrounded by the same forget me-nots I picked yesterday for my death posy, the same forget-me-nots that Mum grew in the dark shade of the pohutakawa on our back garden slope. Then I spot a low grave poking though nettles. I lay my flowers there. The trees are ancient here. The sun comes then goes with a chill withdrawal. I have used up all my flowers. I stand facing to where I was sitting. The sun returns to soak my back. I turn and face it, let my sun-soaked back warm the graves, as the sun warms my face. I cannot get enough sun and wait for its return when clouds fall in front. Then I am finished. We go back. We say why we are here. Anu slows me down with my momentous story. Feel it, he says. I pause. I feel it. We all need to slow down with our deaths, recent and long ago, our still-held traumas. We all have such a lot. We all need to slow down while we say it. Anu is slow, thoughtful, long pauses with eyes closed, soft, die-away voice. I trust him with the work, give myself into his hands. I would like to remember many of Anu's words. About the visit to the graveyard. About the gratitude for life given, life blessed by ancestors, all the dead behind us and from the circle radiating outwards from each of us like a a vast sea of support. l have an urge to forge connections, no more Hansel and Gretel in the louring forest, but a circle with a circle behind and more circles beyond. There are no explanations after my constellation. I feel a tender and slow spread of peace through arteries, veins, capillaries. By the following Constellation I can be fully present. At the end we go to the graveyard a last time and choose one grave and honour the dead in that grave and say any words for all the dead, personal and universal, all the dead behind us, supporting us with their abundance, their richness, their dispassionate seeing. I find a grave, a curve of slate-dark stone hidden in the forget-me-nots and nettles and brambles with a view of the massive chestnut tree, its various trunks like elephant men, twisted in lumpen age. It looks as if it has never been pruned. A blackbird scoots up to a high branch and on, beyond. A robin perks his head in interest at me and lets out a clean pure song. A squirrel in the nearby birch pulls buds, swaying unconcerned in the topmost twigs. Children creep to hide. They cannot keep the excitement out of their shrill whispers. They're coming, as they scramble behind Constable's tomb. There is such peace of nature, of people. I am rested deep behind my eyes. The crying is done. That's what it feels like. Thank you Anu for this good thing that you do. Weekend Workshop Participant Jill London April 2015

"Dear Anu, My weekend with you and our group gave me a huge feeling of inner strength and clarity of issues that have been with me for a long time. I was so amazed by the way that my personal situation played out - just quite incredible. Thank you for making this experience so exceptional - it was well beyond my expectations and I am sure that I will return for more work. I have spoke of your unique abilities to several of my clients who I felt would benefit from attending a session with you - I have a feeling that you may hear from some of them at some point in the future. Until we meet again - my very best wishes to you. Weekend Workshop Participant Terri London April 2015

"Thank you very much. I felt safe and supported by the way you gently facilitated the group. I felt able to explore sensitive issues in a safe inspiring space, the subtle deepening of the work over the course of the weekend ensured that emotions did not feel overwhelming but I did experience a shift in some very painful patterns of behaviour. Weekend Workshop Participant Alison London March 2015

"Thank you for the session this week, I found it really amazing. I have really started to notice that in situations where I would normally react too quickly and become anxious I am taking things much more slowly, giving myself more time and space. Thank you again for your work, you are truly blessed to be who you are" - Private Session client London Feb 2015

"I had a one to one session. Anu creates a very safe space to delve into the ancestral past and release long held emotions. That release has meant that I now have more freedom to expand and I feel more alive!!" Mickey ~ Private Constellation client London Feb 2015

"I have attended two of Anu’s classes. Anu creates a beautiful safe space for us to explore our inner beings and experience the powerful healing effect of participating in or witnessing a constellation. Anu is a wonderful facilitator who assists each person on their individual journey through the workshop in a very peaceful and accepting way so that each person is given the space to express their emotions and their experiences at whatever pace they need. I have personally felt positive shifts in my awareness about how present I am and a stronger connection to life. This work is powerful and something one has to experience for oneself. Thank you very much Anu for providing us with this opportunity to heal and grow and for sharing this journey with us" Rebecca ~ Family Constellation Participant London Oct/Nov 2014

"We really enjoyed working with Anu, Blythe and the rest of the group. Thanks to Anu for making the whole experience possible and for helping me to transcend the ruminative/discursive mind and all the cultural/social trappings it comes with and to connect to a deeper layer of being. I appreciated the insights (particularly with regards to finding my power as a man). More valuable still was the experience of being able to relate in a far more heartfelt/soul-centred way than I am normally accustomed to on such workshops" Family Constellation Participants London Oct 2014

"Anu has a wonderful, relaxed, intuitive and kind way of working & creates a powerfully safe setting. Through the work I believe answers come naturally that may previously have been closed off from view. I recommend that you experience the field for yourself. This wonderful work helped remove the shadows from my life" Annmarie ~ Family Constellation Participant London Sept 2014

"We were in a real crisis in our relationship before we came to see Anu for Couples Therapy, it was really hard to understand each other and we both kept getting triggered, after the constellation work we did with Anu things slowly started to get better for us and we are so grateful, we may be back for more!" - Couples Constellation clients London

"I had a beautiful and touching session with Anu in which i felt very supported and safe.
I discovered unexpected and profound facets connecting my past, present and future, that helped me see and understand areas of my life and my family with new insight and compassion.
I feel Anu works with great intuition and is very sharp in his observations and guidance.
The group was a wonderful mixture of people, that made it easy to expose and discover things about myself in a held environment. There is a certain magic to family constellation that amazes me every time, i can only recommend this unusual, moving experience". Kanika Family Constellation Participant London Sept 2014

"Thank you for taking us on a fascinating and healing journey into the world of family constellations. We really appreciated your deep attention, intuitions and creative leadership in holding a very diverse group with wide ranging intentions for the day. Both as active participants and witnesses, we recognised both personal and collective patterns of grief. As though we were sitting on a magic carpet we were taken to unexpected places as you followed the flow of strong and sometimes buried feelings that emerged from the group". Tony & Sarah Family Constellation Participants London Sept 2014

"I have attended two workshops with Anu, one where I experienced a very deep and moving constellation and the other where I participated more with others in their constellations. In both cases I experienced Anu as being very patient, present and intuitive in making me and the group experience a sense of total support. He is excellent in taking one through this amazing work and is so in touch with what may or may not come up and how to move things on in a very protective and safe environment.

I have never experienced anything quite as profound as I did with this work. My constellation was very moving and deep and I was able to truly experience through observation the ancestral link between an issue surrounding my mother and the correlation unbeknown to me of the ancestral link. It was incredible and I felt safe and able to surrender at the end of the process. It has completely changed my relationship with my mother and we are able to converse and share our love in a way that has never happened. The dynamic has changed and we are very clear on who we are to each other and what our roles are.

I am so grateful to have been able to participate in these amazing journeys and share the experiences with some beautiful people in the groups. I thank the group members who were so giving of themselves in my constellation and to those I was able to share with also. I have learned so much about the human spirit and connectedness of us all regardless of who we are and where we come from. Thank you Anu for the amazing work you do." - Jenny,
Family Constellation Participant London

"I cannot thank you enough for your tender and crystal clear facilitation of this process. I felt both wisely held within the constellation while given space to discover new things about myself. I found that space in my heart again to forgive and open again to the love of a man following the devastating betrayal by my father. Having seen all sides of my father's pain and potential there was nothing left to do but Return To Love. Anu you are one of the most humble and down-to-earth facilitators I have had the privilege of encountering. You have clearly made great journeys within yourself to be able to offer so much healing space to others. It was an honour for my constellation to be held by you." - Cherry
Family Constellation Participant London

"I have done constellations with other constellators but I would honestly and sincerely say to anyone that I have never been so touched or felt so safe as with Anu. He truly cared about everyone in the room and connected with us all. There was a real feeling that he loved us all. His intuition is incredible and his ability to connect statements to beliefs is amazing and really helps - both the people who are doing the constellations and also the watchers/participants. His explanations of the loyalties have really helped - I have now managed to work out where some of my other beliefs come from - and although I am not sure how to release the energy feel that even by identifying the blind loyalties I am much further down the road to healing which is positive." - Ruth,
Family Constellation Participant London

"Truly, I have never experienced anything that goes so deep, so quickly. Although it was my first time with family constellation, when I came to share my trouble and engaged with the process that Anu held remarkably, I was faced with clear and strong realities from deep within myself. A big thank you to Anu and the group. I will come again. Family constellation is a very direct and powerful way to face ourselves and realize what has been held through the many layers of our sub-conscious. It will go as deep as you allow it to and are ready for it to, Thank you." - Anne-Sophie
Family Constellations Participant London

"Anu's constellation workshop was excellent, he held the space well and gave good attention to each of the participants. I got a great deal out of it in terms of how I frame myself within both my family and social system, as well as seeing a new perspective on events in my life. I will be back and I think Anu is an excellent facilitator." - Duncan
Family Constellation participant London

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